Product and Ordering Information

Table 4

Connectors / Fittings

Order Code

Cold Junction Terminations 1 | Thermo Sensors

*For longer lengths; replace “3” with desired length.


Cold Junction Terminations 2 | Thermo Sensors

1/2″ npt x 1/2″ npt SS Double threaded bushing brazed to the sheath.


Cold Junction Terminations 3 | Thermo Sensors

1/2″ NPT SS threaded bushing brazed to sheath.


Cold Junction Terminations 4 | Thermo Sensors

1/2″ NPT x 1/2″ NPT SS Double threaded bushing spring-loaded to sheath


Cold Junction Terminations 5 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videosStandard male plug.


(400 F)


(800 F)

Cold Junction Terminations 6 | Thermo Sensors

Standard female jack.


(400 F)


(800 F)

Cold Junction Terminations 7 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videosDual male plug.


(400 F)


(800 F)

Cold Junction Terminations 8 | Thermo Sensors

Dual female jack.


(400 F)


(800 F)

Cold Junction Terminations 9 | Thermo Sensors

Miniature male plug.

俄罗斯25x x videos(for sheath diameters 1/8″ maximum)


(400 F)


(800 F)

Cold Junction Terminations 10 | Thermo Sensors

Miniature female jack.

俄罗斯25x x videos(for sheath diameter 1/8″ maximum)


(400 F)


(800 F)

Table 4 continued

Extended Leads / Lead TerminationsOrder Code

Cold Junction Terminations 11 | Thermo Sensors

20 AWG Wire Extension**

Fiberglass InsulationTG(X)*
Polyvinyl InsulationTP(X)*
FEP InsulationTT(X)*
Kapton InsulationTK(X)*
Polyvinyl Insulation, Twisted, Alum-Mylar Sheilded w/ Drainwire Grounded to the sheath.TPZD(X)*

Cold Junction Terminations 12 | Thermo Sensors

20 AWG Wire Extension Inside

Stainless Steel Overbraid**

Fiberglass InsulationTGS(X)*
Polyvinyl InsulationTPS(X)*
FEP InsulationTTS(X)*
Kapton InsulationTKS(X)*

Cold Junction Terminations 13 | Thermo Sensors

20 AWG Wire Extension

inside stainless steel flexible tubing armor.**

Fiberglass InsulationTGA(X)*
Polyvinyl InsulationTPA(X)*
FEP InsulationTTA(X)*
Kapton InsulationTKA(X)*

Cold Junction Terminations 14 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videos20 AWG Wire Extension

inside polyvinyl covered stainless steel flexible tubing armor.**

Fiberglass InsulationTGP(X)*
Polyvinyl InsulationTPP(X)*
FEP InsulationTTP(X)*
Kapton InsulationTKP(X)*

* Replace (X) with desired length in inches.

俄罗斯25x x videos** Standard conductors are solid. For stranded conductors – Specify by placing “F” in the order code before length. Example: TGSF36. (Not available for “TPZD” option).

*** “DRIP loop” style T/C’s are available in armored lead options. Choose head option in the hardware section and add head order code as a suffix to the complete part number.

Table 4 continued

Terminal Heads

Figure 1T/C Assembly Without Process Fitting
Cold Junction Terminations 15 | Thermo Sensors
Figure 2T/C Assembly w/ 1/2″ NPT Process Fitting
Cold Junction Terminations 16 | Thermo Sensors
Figure 3T/C Assembly w/ 1/2″ NPT Spring Loaded Fitting
Cold Junction Terminations 17 | Thermo Sensors

Table 4 continued

Type of HeadHead MaterialBasic Order Code
Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

Cold Junction Terminations 18 | Thermo Sensors



Screw Cover Head

Cast Aluminum100200300

Cold Junction Terminations 19 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videosEpoxy Coated


Screw Cover Head

Cast Iron102202302

Cold Junction Terminations 20 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videosGeneral Purpose


Screw Cover Head

俄罗斯25x x videosFor Flip Top Style, add suffix “F” to basic order code

Cast Aluminum104204304

Cold Junction Terminations 21 | Thermo Sensors

俄罗斯25x x videosCorrosion Resistant

Weatherproof Screw

Cover Head

俄罗斯25x x videosFor Flip Top Style, add suffix “F” to basic order code


Cold Junction Terminations 22 | Thermo Sensors

CSA / ATEX / FM Approved Explosion Proof

俄罗斯25x x videosHead meets NEC Class I

Div I Groups B, C, D

Class II Div I, Groups E, F, G

俄罗斯25x x videosNEMA 4X, 7, 9,

II2G, Ex d, IIC, Gb,

II2 D, Ex tb, IIIC Db, IECEx

Cast Aluminum108208308
316 Stainless Steel110210310
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